3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi

Khrustalny restaurant

Room area: 1 600 m2
Capacity: 1000 people
Location: 0 floor
Khrustalny restaurant is the main restaurant in Zhemchuzhina hotel. Location: next to the lobby, on the 0 floor.


Rates in Khrustalny restaurant in 2020 (per 1 person):

    For adult
  • Breakfast завтрак - 1100 rub.
  • Lunch часов обед - 900 rub.
  • Dinner ужин - 800 rub.

Kids of 3-10 years old - 50% discount

*Kids under 3 years old for free

* In low season the hotel has right to offer set-menu for lunch & dinner

Features of the kitchen

Our variety of banquet menus and impeccable service guarantee total success of any occasion!

Wedding Party

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Recovery after COVID-19