3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi
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Flibustier restaurant

The Flibustier awaits his guests in a silent place where the pinks and yellows of the sunrise melt away, with the waves lapping, and in the evening the surface of the water as smooth as glass reflects crimson colors of the sunset. Flibustier restaurant is located on the quaint ship in the beach area of the Zhemchuzhina hotel.

Retreat in harmony and sheer serenity with the marine flavor of the restaurant. Enjoy a magical dining experience in warm, creamy, cappuccino, and vanilla-like strokes and opulent stained wood.

The concept of the restaurant relies on two principles – eat well and talk in quiet.

Flibustier is a perfect venue for romantic rendezvous, casual weekend, business meetings, banquets, shindigs...

Features of the kitchen

The menu abides in fish dishes: fresh produce, exotic flavors, oysters, lobsters. Our chef can cook them as you wish: grill, boil, roast in salt crust. Meat fans will be offered bone-in lamb loin, flavorful shish kebab, juicy venison and other delicacies.

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