3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi
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Modern restaurants in Zhemchuzhina hotel complex always welcome new guests and good old friends, whose loyalty is rewarded with delightful ambience, quality tasty food and good vibes.
Khrustalny restaurant is the main restaurant in Zhemchuzhina hotel. Location: next to the lobby, on the 0 floor.
In the heart of Sochi, in Grand Hotel "Zhemchuzhina" for connoisseurs of refined European cuisine- the restaurant "20.16" has opened its doors.
Do you wish to visit America of the 50`s? Then the American Diner is what you are looking for: American flavor of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe times.
Reed roof of tropical bar & pizzeria, wicker furniture, bamboo compositions on the tables, outdoor pool and pleasant music all create a wonderful atmosphere of a sunny day in the tropics .
It is a perfect place for a lounge talk or casual meeting.
Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina offers 24-hours Room service.
Vecherny restaurant is delighted to organize various events for cultural and special guests.
Zhemchug bar & restaurant with its leisure atmosphere is located on the seashore on the beach area.
Neptun bar is located in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina beach area.
Crystal hall- is one of the most beautiful places of Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina. The hall opened in 2014.
The Flibustier awaits his guests in a silent place where the pinks and yellows of the sunrise melt away, with the waves lapping, and in the evening the surface of the water as smooth as glass reflects crimson colors of the sunset. Flibustier restaurant is located on the quaint ship in the beach area of the Zhemchuzhina hotel.
Honeymooners are the fairy tale’ main characters .Their dreams come true thanks to our hotel professionals.


Thousands of Russian people will say that the best holiday is spent by the sea and in the Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina. It houses 14 bars and 8 restaurants open 24 hours a day, featuring European, Caucasian and Kuban cuisine and enchanting music which creates a delightful atmosphere reigning in the very air of Sochi.

All of the restaurants and bars of the hotel have their own unique flavour which etches on guests’ memory lingering on the time spent in Sochi. Let’s have a closer look at some of the restaurants enjoying much popularity with tourists.

Khrustalny restaurant offers free meals for children under 2 and another treat – the breakfast price is included in the accommodation rate. As far as lunch and dinner prices here, they will surely suit anyone coming on holiday in Sochi. It’s worth mentioning that Khrustalny restaurant caters for seminars, conferences and other big events and organizes banquets, buffets and coffee breaks.