3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi

Congress Center

Zhemchuzhina hotel complex today is a modern large business centre. Annually more than 400 exhibitions, forums, congresses, festivals, seminars and conferences are held in up-to-date conference and exhibition halls.
Room area: 481,9 m2
Capacity: 500 people
Room area: 200 m2
Capacity: 180 - 200 people
Room area: 218,4 m2
Capacity: 100 people
Room area: 248,1 m2
Capacity: 100-150 people
Room area: 123 m2
Capacity: 100 people
Room area: 81,4 m2
Capacity: 40 people
Room area: 38,9 m2
Capacity: 38 people
Room area: 45,7 m2
Capacity: 30 people
Room area: 36,8 m2
Capacity: 26 people
The hall offers wonderful view of Black sea & hotel park area. The hall is an ideal place for any MICE activities .
Room area: 101 m2
Capacity: 50 people
Room area: 1430,2 m2


  • LCD projectors;
  • Screens of various size;
  • Flip charts;
  • Chalk and dry erase boards;
  • Microphones and multiport conferencing;
  • Platform; information stands;
  • National flags of world countries;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Other equipment on request;


1. The cost of the banquet and buffet did not include music / entertainment.
2. Technical support - by agreement.
3. The cost of extending the lease of the hall after 24:00 is 10 000 rubles. / hour.


Congress tourism boosts rapidly forming a separate line in leisure sector; recently it resembled sightseeing while on business trip, and now it has evolved into a leading industry trend with its own peculiarities.

Businessmen have always been trying to combine business and pleasure; for it’s them who know for sure that time is money. The modern life is gathering pace, and today a lot of people cannot afford a full-fledged holiday for several weeks. Though you can also derive satisfaction from work – and that’s what makes the centerpiece of corporate leisure. If the free time is limited, but your business meeting or a conference is held on the seashore, so why not enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze and the warm sea during breaks?!

Today congress tourism implies not only business trips, but visiting exhibitions, corporate training, congresses and conferences as well. Large and small business meetings have to be organized as efficient as possible in order to guarantee both success and results.

A combination of excellent location, mild climate, up-to-date service and wide choice of facilities renders Zhemchuzhina hotel a perfect destination for business meetings and leisure.

We cater for large-scale events, conferences and seminars and offer coffee breaks, buffet meals and banquets.

Just one call from you and our managers will handle your order in a twist of time! Without doubt your preferences and number of guests will be taken into account. This service is free of charge allowing you to make the best of choice among other restaurants. It’s common knowledge that price should correspond to quality. Zhemchuzhina restaurants offer quality going far beyond our prices! That makes one of the basic principles of our company due to which we constantly receive words of appreciation from our clients!