3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi
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Roberto Bravo

13 may 2016
Throughout the entire existence of human civilization haute couture came from Italy. Painters and sculptors, musicians and poets sought for inspiration in the shadow of Luxury Italianity . Under the rays of bright Italian sun; Roberto Bravo was established in 1948 and the passion of jewellery has been lasting for 3 generations up to date matching the modern and high technology organically woven into the luxury motifs of Renaissance Period. Emerging with ‘Unique Feeling by Inspiring Designs’ motto, Roberto Bravo is a jewellery and accessory brand; creating the first and the foremost with a great enthusiasm leading into generating a brand-new category in jewellery sector and becomes a pioneering brand driving the sector today with innovative trends and distinctive designs. ROBERTO BRAVO offers a new journey for the jewellery fond to the mysterious and fascinating world of precious stones and presents a glamorous life style to the admirers of creative soul. Today, the brand is setting worldwide jewellery trends through Contemporary Lines, High Technology, Extraordinary designs, Craftmanship Mastery, Expressive Collections, Wide Range of Products; ROBERTO BRAVO, having many surprises inside, is full with aesthetic and mysterious lines.