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SPA complex

Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina of the new SPA complex launched.. The word SPA takes its origin from « Sanus per aquam» that means water gives health. Thailand & China is the birthplace of ethnoscience. Point massage, essential oils, secrets of Emperors, beauty of oriental women, power of samurai. Our SPA. complex offers all these services.

    We offer:

Massage & SPA treatments

Chinese massage is considered to be the ancient one. It is based on the doctrine of the unity of human body and nature. This method is an integral part of the traditional method of treatment, called Zhen-chiu therapy. According to Chinese medicine, human health depends on Qi vital energy that circulates in its energy fields.

The ancient Chinese doctors discovered that vital points are located in certain areas of our body. There are about 7,000 Chinese point of pressing are known all over the world, they can be used to restore strength and health very fast.

    "The strength of three oceans"


The healing and regenerative properties of coke jelly, honey, cocoa, coffee herbs, essential oils are well-known . For many centuries these components have helped to treat people in Asia.

What a great idea to swim at the outdoor pool with heated sea water, to take a steam bath in the authentic Russian banya with friends. Our swimming pool gives you vitality, relieves fatigue, restores your body & soul.


Sauna due to its thermal effect helps to activate cells and to remove toxins out the body with sweat. In the other words, it gives strong purifying effect. Hamam, due to its distinctive features, purifies very gently and carefully. The treated skin starts to "breathe" ,to recover and becomes smooth, pink and taut. In addition, Turkish bath accelerates metabolism. It helps to slow down the effects of aging, to stimulate weight’ loss and overall rejuvenation of body. Hamam calms down the nervous system, improves sleeping, relieves headache and anxiety.

Welcome to the new SPA complex of Grand hotel Zhemchuzhina in May 2016.