3, Tchernomorskaya st, Sochi
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Car rental

Opening hours:
round the clock
Your car is under repair? You are a car enthusiast, a petrolhead on holiday in Sochi, who really values comfort and independence? Then simply dial our number and rent a car!


    The car rental includes unlimited mileage within the territory of the Russian Federation. We offer the following vehicles:

All vehicles have obligatory and voluntary (damage, theft, fire) insurance, car alarm, airbags, children seats (optional), roof rack for skis/snowboards (optional).

A car navigator can be provided on request.
To rent a car you have to produce your passport, driving license, a deposit (5000 rubles if you are already 23 years of age and have 2 years of driving experience), pay the rental in full. To book a car, get more information on makes, rates, options, terms and conditions contact us at or Skype:

If you are INDEPENDENT come our way!

РОССА - car rental without driver.
Our address: 3, Tchernomorskaya st, Sochi.
Hotel Zhemchuzhina, («0» floor, next to lobby bar, stairs to the upper floor).