3, Tchernomorskaya st, Sochi
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2 august 2013


Excellent hotel, polite staff, great view. Tasty but not various breakfast. Very comfortable location & private guarded beach!
28 jule 2013


Zhemchuzhina Is the second home of our family, we grown up here I could say. Our children & grandchildren stay here with great pleasure. This year we noticed many positive changes. The hotel area is very beautiful!
8 jule 2013


Very professional safeguards work for Zhemchuchina. They rescued people very quickly. Thank them a lot!
6 jule 2013


We stayed at the hotel from 26.06.2013. Let me notice conscientious work of Sergey Nekrasov – Security. Thank you for your comprehension & professionalism (head of security- Zhuavlev Maxim). We stayed at 602. The chambermaid Elena ( unfortunately we don’t know her surname) were making our room clean & cozy .Thanks for your kind assistance !
27 june 2013


The hotel has changed a lot. I asked employees about the reasons .They say because of the new management team. We are repeater guests. We did not like the hotel before. The hotel was not being renovated for a long time. This year the hotel has impressed us. Rooms, food, beach, swimming pools are new. My husband & I are really surprised. My husband is lazy to write but I am very thankful for my holidays. We booked guided tours at the hotel.It is very comfortable .My child enjoyed the vacations. They say sea water is not very clear because of the Olympics so we swam in the pool.

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