3, Chernomorskaya st, Sochi
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Sochi park

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+7 (988) 156-10-04
"Sochi Park" — amusement Park, which is rightfully called Russian Disneyland. Russian, not only because it is in Russia, but because all the design of the Park just steeped in Russian historical and cultural traditions! Here is a bright and cheerful fair and magic heroes of your favorite childhood fairy tales, and a breathtaking adventures! In "Sochi Park" You will have the opportunity to ride a variety of attractions, to get a lot of adrenaline and super bright emotions! Here is where to accelerate both, adults and children! The park presents attractions: Quantum leap (the highest rollercoaster in Russia – 58m, speed – 105 km/h), Zmey Gorynych ( the length of the attraction – 1056 meters, height – 38 meters, speed of up to 100 km/h), the Firebird (a free fall attraction with a height of 65m). But let's not reveal all the secrets of the "Sochi Park", come and see for yourself!